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OBJECTIVES Positron emission tomography has been demonstrated to improve the detection of distant metastases in patients with lung cancer. This study compares the efficacy of PET to mediastinoscopy in mediastinal staging of patients with non-small cell lung cancer. METHODS Between May 1995 and May 2000, positron emission tomography was performed on 1988(More)
Human hearing and balance require intact inner ear sensory hair cells, which transduce mechanical stimuli into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain. Loss of hair cells after birth in mammals is irreversible, whereas birds are able to regenerate hair cells after insult and demonstrate ongoing hair cell production in the vestibular epithelia.(More)
Mechanical ventilation is essential to the proper maintenance of anaesthesia in research animals undergoing laparoscopic research investigations with prolonged pneumoperitoneum. Ventilatory assistance is greatly aided by endotracheal intubation, which in rats can be a challenging procedure with a substantial risk of complication. The difficulty of the(More)
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