Elizabeth Jain

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This study examines the life course of 2 independent components of adult affective development, 1 aimed at differentiation and complexity, the other aimed at optimization and positive emotional balance. These 2 components are predicted to have different developmental trajectories over the adult life span and to become related in a compensatory fashion under(More)
This research reports age and gender differences in cardiac reactivity and subjective responses to the induction of autobiographical memories related to anger, fear, sadness, and happiness. Heart rate (HR) and subjective state were assessed at baseline and after the induction of each emotion in 113 individuals (61 men, 52 women; 66% European American, 34%(More)
PURPOSE One conservative treatment for trapeziometacarpal joint arthritis is the delivery of steroids transdermally. In prior transdermal studies on the elbow and foot, there are mixed reports of success. It appears that the benefits of the treatment might be limited to short-term relief (approximately one week). It was hypothesized that transdermal steroid(More)
Although compensatory strategies can offset regulatory losses that occur in later adulthood, they often break down under conditions of over-activation. Two emotion regulation tasks examined compensatory effects related to attachment classification (AC). Study 1 examined emotional Stroop performance in young (17-39) and old adults (60-89). Among the elder,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate factors that predispose breastfeeding mothers to nipple candidiasis. DESIGN A retrospective case-control study of women attending the Calgary Breastfeeding Clinic. SETTING Ambulatory breastfeeding referral centre. PARTICIPANTS All women (105) who attended the clinic during a 3.5-month study period. All were referred for(More)
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