Elizabeth J. Tisdell

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BACKGROUND Most who teach in clinical settings see themselves primarily as clinicians or physicians responsible for patient care and only secondarily as educators. The education literature suggests that teaching predominantly operates at a tacit level, where teachers rely on core beliefs to guide their practice, and actually spend little time in reflective(More)
Projects--planned activities with specific goals and outcomes--have been used in faculty development programs to enhance participant learning and development. Projects have been employed most extensively in programs designed to develop faculty as educators. The authors review the literature and report the results of their 2008 study of the impact of(More)
This paper discusses a qualitative participatory action research study, which examined the nature of the cohort learning experience in an online master’s program, from both faculty and student perspectives. After describing this online master’s program in adult education designed from a social constructivist theoretical frame, this paper discusses two(More)
In this narrative exploration of meaning making through the use of creative arts, we recorded the experiences of 8 women with type 1 diabetes. Through a conceptual framework of creative expression as a way of knowing, we designed this study to evoke affective and metaphorical connections to the meaning of diabetes. The initial narrative interview findings(More)
Through a textual analysis of websites of Adult Education Graduate Programs and a quantitative survey of North American Adult Education faculty, this study examined: background information about Adult Education faculty and programs; the nature of faculty work interests, motivations and satisfaction; and involvement with the Commission of Professors of Adult(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the career development findings of a larger qualitative research study exploring the experiences of African American managers in Fortune 500 companies, and then to consider the implications for leveraging diversity, in HRD and adult education practice. Diversity has received growing attention as a topic of interest(More)
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