Elizabeth J. Makrides

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We expand upon a general framework for studying the bifurcation diagrams of localized spatially oscillatory structures. Building on work by Beck et al., the present work provides rigorous analytical results on the effects of perturbations to systems exhibiting snaking behavior. Starting with a reversible variational system possessing an additional Z2(More)
Renal blood flow is maintained within a narrow window by a set of intrinsic autoregulatory mechanisms. Here, a mathematical model of renal hemodynamics control in the rat kidney is used to understand the interactions between two major renal autoregulatory mechanisms: the myogenic response and tubuloglomerular feedback. A bifurcation analysis of the model(More)
UNLABELLED Environmental nutrient enrichment from human agricultural and waste runoff could cause changes to microbial communities that allow them to capitalize on newly available resources. Currently, the response of microbial communities to nutrient enrichment remains poorly understood, and, while some studies have shown no clear changes in community(More)
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