Elizabeth J. Forrestal

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The organization Community Partners HealthNet (CPH), Inc. is a so-called Health-Center-Controlled Networks (HCCNs) that provide health information technologies, in particular Electronic Health Records and Data Warehouse, to participating community health centers (CHC) and rural health clinics (RHC). All 16 member organizations (CHCs and RHCs) in CPH are(More)
This article is a continuation of a 2-part series that seeks to build the skills of health care managers and supervisors in critically reading and interpreting systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The first article, part I, defined the types of systematic reviews and outlined the process of conducting them. This article, part II, focuses on meta-analysis,(More)
Evidence-based decision making has become a benchmark of best practice. Sources of evidence are systematic reviews and meta-analyses. To support their decision making, health care managers and supervisors need to be able to critically read and interpret systematic reviews and meta-analyses. They also need to be able to determine the applicability of the(More)
Leaders have the responsibility to develop leadership in their departmental members. Leadership capacity is needed so that health information professionals will be able to successfully respond to the constant changes in the healthcare environment. This article demonstrates how leadership can be modeled and developed through the redesign of jobs in(More)
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