Elizabeth J Clark

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PURPOSE This article describes a cancer-related advocacy skill set that can be acquired through a learning process. OVERVIEW Cancer survivorship is a process rather than a stage or time point, and it involves a continuum of events from diagnosis onward. There exists little consensus about what underlying processes explain different levels of long term(More)
The proportion of deaths attributed to suicide was examined among 506 deceased individuals with diagnosed or suspected Huntington's Disease from New England USA. Comparison of this proportion with that of the general population indicated that the odds of a death being due to suicide in the Huntington's disease group is 8.2 times that of the Massachusetts(More)
To elucidate the role of methionine aminopeptidase type-2 (MetAP-2) in the clinical pathology of rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis was induced in rats by administration of peptidoglycan-polysaccharide (PG-PS). The inhibitor of MetAP-2, PPI-2458, was administered orally at 5 mg/kg every other day during 3 distinct phases of the disease. In vitro studies were(More)
Profile data obtained in a regional survey of social work practice have been used by one social work department of a general hospital to identify three problem areas of practice with patients whose discharges are delayed beyond medical necessity. The authors describe the department's analysis of the data, its identification of a topic of concern, and the(More)
Research studies show that 30% of cancer patients experience significant disease-related psychosocial distress, which is often under-recognized and undertreated. To satisfy the need for increased capacity to deliver accessible, affordable, community-based psychosocial counseling for cancer patients and their families, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation(More)