Elizabeth J Church

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A steady stream of news stories reflects a growing focus on research concerning autism. Increasingly, scientists endeavor to identify the possible causes of the disorder, to explore the differences between autistic and neurotypical brains and to emphasize the need for accurate, timely diagnosis and early intervention. Several controversies surround the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether the mental health component of the family medicine residency program at Memorial University of Newfoundland, which contains no formal mental health training with psychiatrists, adequately prepares residents for practice, and to assess which aspects of their training enhanced their mental health skills most. DESIGN(More)
Adolescent boys and girls are disproportionately affected in the current HIV epidemic. Numerous sociobehavioral studies have addressed the indirect drivers surrounding this vulnerability-for example, socioeconomic, geographical locale, and all forms of violence. However, the direct factors that may influence infection, such as the anatomical and(More)
Worldwide, depression affects 121 million people. It is the most common psychiatric disorder, and as the principal antecedent to suicide, depression can even be deadly. The World Health Organization reports that depression is the leading cause of disability and the fourth leading cause of global disease burden. Although we are just beginning to comprehend(More)
Medical imaging plays a key role in many aspects of organ donation, procurement and transplantation. Imaging techniques are used to confirm a diagnosis of brain death, measure organs, assess potential donors and recipients, and evaluate the success of surgery. This article offers an overview of organ donation and transplantation. After completing this(More)
In 2004, a similarly titled article,"Legal Trends in Imaging," was published in this Journal; it described medical malpractice cases involving imaging, the role of imaging in criminal trials and evolving legal concerns raised by newer imaging technologies. This article provides an update on the ever-expanding relationship between the law and imaging.(More)
This article examines the vulnerability of the foot to injury and disease and the role imaging plays in ferreting out the causes of pain and dysfunction. The discussion includes a broad overview of foot disorders and describes the expanding role played by imaging in the diagnosis and management of food disorders.
Sleep, a natural alteration in consciousness, is increasingly difficult to achieve for more than a third of the U.S. population. Despite breathtaking advances in our understanding of sleep, there remains a considerable need for increased awareness and education concerning this growing public health problem. In November 2011, the National Institutes of(More)