Elizabeth J Betemps

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A proportional mortality study was conducted to determine if state of birth is a risk factor associated with motor neurone disease (MND) and Parkinson's disease (PD) using US death certificate information for 1981. State of birth was used as a surrogate variable for location of early childhood environment. A gradient of risk by geographical area in the US(More)
There is concern that wastewater treatment system workers are at risk for cancers and diseases affecting the neurological and digestive systems. However, these diseases have also been linked to early exposures. A proportional mortality study was conducted on a large cohort of wastewater treatment system workers who were divided into two groups, migrants and(More)
Analysis of data from 82 Veterans Affairs medical centers showed that during a one-year period in 1987-88, VA psychiatric inpatients spent about 240,000 hours in seclusion or restraint, with about half of that time in mechanical restraints. The median length of time patients in each medical center spent in seclusion and restraint was used to classify(More)
OBJECTIVE Patterns of seclusion and restraint over a one-year period at 82 Veterans Affairs medical centers were examined to determine whether use of these interventions was influenced by hospital characteristics (such as geographic location, per diem cost, patient-staff ratio, and university affiliation), patient diagnoses, or reasons for use. METHODS(More)
The Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS), originally developed as a diagnostic tool, is frequently used to evaluate treatment responses. Defining a case and measuring symptom changes are different processes that require different attributes for the instrument. Measuring symptom changes requires precision in measurement. Using the Rasch rating scale(More)
This study used Rasch measurement theory to examine the Mississippi Scale--Revised for its utility in the development of an interval measure of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rasch is a probability-based theory that provides both a measure of the person responding to the instrument and the location of each item calibration on one common construct or(More)
1. The World Health Organization conducted a prevalence study in 17 countries and found that schizophrenia occurred in all countries covered by their investigation. 2. A study conducted in the United States indicated that approximately 15% of the population suffers from a mental disorder within a given year. Only 40% of those with a lifetime diagnosis of(More)
The author describes the development and evaluation of the Psychiatric Discomfort Scale, a self-report instrument that provides a quantitative measurement of patients' discomfort with psychiatric symptoms that change over time. Initially, a 60-item instrument was evaluated with 55 psychiatric inpatients in a Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center and a(More)