Elizabeth Irvine

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Block [Block, N. (2005). Two neural correlates of consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Science, 9, 46-52] and Snodgrass (2006) claim that a signal detection theory (SDT) analysis of qualitative difference paradigms, in particular the exclusion failure paradigm, reveals cases of phenomenal consciousness without access consciousness. This claim is unwarranted(More)
The four patients described in this paper exhibit congenital absence of the pectoral muscles in varying degree, and illustrate many points of interest. Three of them were observed during routine and special medical examinations of approximately 15,000 elementary school children, and one was a pre-school child in hospital: it is interesting to note that(More)
This paper is aimed at identifying how a model’s explanatory power is constructed and identified, particularly in the practice of template-based modeling (Humphreys, Philos Sci 69:1–11, 2002; Extending ourselves: computational science, empiricism, and scientific method, 2004), and what kinds of explanations models constructed in this way can provide. In(More)
Determinants of Intestinal Permeability in Healthy First Degree Relatives of Crohn’s Disease Patients, W. Turpin, D. Kevans, K. Shestopaloff, M. Smith, D. Guttman, M. Silverberg, W. Xu, A. Paterson, and K. Croitoru University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Toronto, ON, Canada(More)