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2Eric Brunner
2Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat
2Alan Gerber
2Yan Chen
2Ulrike Malmendier
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  • Patrick J Schultheis, Sheila M Fleming, Amy K Clippinger, Jada Lewis, Taiji Tsunemi, Benoit Giasson +17 others
  • 2013
Mutations in ATP13A2 (PARK9), encoding a lysosomal P-type ATPase, are associated with both Kufor-Rakeb syndrome (KRS) and neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL). KRS has recently been classified as a rare genetic form of Parkinson's disease (PD), whereas NCL is a lysosomal storage disorder. Although the transport activity of ATP13A2 has not been defined, in(More)
  • Elizabeth Hoffman, Matthew L Spitzer, Brian R Binger, Linda Cohen, Richard Craswell, Daniel Kahnemann +11 others
  • 2015
Do people value commodities more when they own the commodities than when they do not? Although economic models generally presume that economic agents evaluate commodities independently of whether the agents own those commodities-the "basic independence" assumption-researchers in economics and law are starting to doubt whether this assumption is true. Doubts(More)
Some of the important biochemical, structural, and behavioral changes induced by chronic exposure to drugs of abuse appear to be mediated by the highly stable transcription factor DeltaFosB. Previous work has shown that DeltaFosB overexpression in mice for 2weeks leads to an increase in the expression of numerous genes in striatum, most of which are later(More)
As part of our mandate from Congress, the National Science Board oversees the collection of a very broad set of quantitative information about U.S. science, engineering and technology, and every 2 years publishes the data and trends in our Science and Engineering Indicators (Indicators) report. On occasion, the data reveal trends that raise important policy(More)
Sensory information from mechanoreceptors and nociceptors in the skin plays key roles in adaptive and protective motor behaviours. To date, very little is known about how this information is encoded by spinal cord cell types and their activity patterns, particularly under freely behaving conditions. To enable stable measurement of neuronal and glial cell(More)
  • Eric Brunner, Stephen L Ross, Ebonya Washington, Eric Brunner, Washington, Alberto Alesina +17 others
  • 2013
There is a large literature demonstrating that positive economic conditions increase support for incumbent candidates, but little understanding of how economic conditions affect preferences for parties and for particulars of their platforms. We ask how exogenous shifts to the value of residents. human capital affect voting behavior in California(More)
  • Eric Brunner, Stephen L Ross, Alberto Alesina, Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat, David Autor, Rafael Di Tella +14 others
  • 2010
Using California ballot proposition returns and exogenous shifts to labor demand, we provide the first large-scale causal evidence of the impact of economic conditions on policy preferences. Consistent with economic theory, we find that positive economic shocks decrease support for redistributive policies. More notably, we find evidence of a need for(More)