Elizabeth Hendrix

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There are more than 700 million current Internet users, but the world population is approximately 6 billion (Trend 2001), indicating that computer technology is used by less than one-eighth of the population. Computers are becoming common tools in schools, often viewed as a democratic panacea despite the costs involved and despite the fact that the majority(More)
Simplicial partitions to divide a bounded area in branch and bound makes the use of an upper fitting appropriate for finding the bounds on the subsets. Bisecting the longest edge avoiding needle-shaped simplices leads to a choice of which longest edge to bisect in higher dimensions. We investigate the behaviour of the search and the resulting binary search(More)
One aspect of biofeedback treatment with chronically incapacitated persons concerns their resistance to getting better. In effect, the removal of their symptom is equivalent to undercutting a characteristic way of relating to themselves and to the world, and hence, is opposed. Even though many biofeedback procedures are impressively effective, the therapist(More)
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