Elizabeth Haase

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The influence of long-distance flight on corticosterone secretion has been examined in trained racing pigeons. Flights of 315-561 min from release sites 115-557 km from the home loft greatly increased the circulating corticosterone concentration in comparison with the levels in nonexercised controls sampled before release or bled in the loft at the times of(More)
Recent psychiatric literature has used the term "hypersexuality" to denote pathologically increased sexual behavior in children and adolescents. Various patterns of increased sexuality have been described in youth, including sexuality that is excessive, developmentally precocious, compulsive, aggressive, or otherwise socially inappropriate. Such(More)
Forty-eight oncology inpatients participated in a survey designed to characterize their understanding of and beliefs about do-not-resuscitate (DNR) decisions and to identify dimensions of religiosity associated with moral beliefs about DNR decisions. Seventy-five percent of the patients believed they understood the meaning of "DNR," but only 32% were able(More)
Sexual behavior over the past year of 32 outpatients with Bipolar disorder is compared to that of 44 Comparison patients that had never had an episode of affective illness. Subjects were outpatients treated with drugs and psychotherapy in routine office practice. Differences in sexual behavior between the two groups as a whole were minimal, but meaningful(More)
While there is consensus that bipolar disorder exists in children and adolescents, its diagnostic criteria are debated. Excessive sexual behavior has been reported in youth who may have juvenile bipolar disorder (JBD), and has been termed "hypersexuality." Although there is no universal definition of this term, this observation has led to a hypothesis that(More)
The topographic distribution of 3H-testosterone and/or its metabolites in brains of Bramblings (Fringilla montifringilla L.) was studied autoradiographically and the intensity of labeling was estimated semi-quantitatively. The highest accumulation of radioactivity was found in nuclei of the preoptic region and the hypothalamus (fig. 2--fig. 5). Cells of the(More)
The authors discuss problems of localized retinal stimulation including the influence of stray light in cases of electroperimetry by means of VECP. The present study shows that we can successfully perform electroperimetric investigation under certain conditions. This is confirmed by investigation of visual field defects in a case of Arachnitis optico(More)
1. By counting the axons per micron 2 on electronmicrographs of cross-sectioned olfactory nerves and multiplying this number by the area of the cross-sectioned nerves, the number of olfactory receptors was determined in 4 breeds of domestic pigeons including homing pigeons. 2. The total number of olfactory receptors varied between 3.0 and 7.4 . 10(6). It(More)
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