Elizabeth H. Humphreys

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Overview This paper seeks to provide a mechanism by which the broad scale uplift and tectonic and magmatic activity associated with the U.S. Cordilleran occurred. The authors hypothesize that water provided by the subducting Farallon slab hydrated the base of the western U.S. lithosphere, increasing its buoyancy and ‘priming’ it for subsequent melting.(More)
There is growing awareness among urban planning, public health, and transportation professionals that design decisions and investments that promote walking can be beneficial for human and ecological health. Planners need practical tools to consider the impact of development on pedestrian safety, a key requirement for the promotion of walking. Simple(More)
Water shortage is a major constraint to sustaining and increasing the productivity of rice-wheat systems. Saving water can be elusive in that reducing seepage, percolation and runoff losses from fields does not necessarily save water if it can be recaptured at some other temporal or spatial scale, for example by groundwater pumping. Many technologies appear(More)
Purpose The Interdisciplinary Leadership Learning Collaborative (ILLC), under the sponsorship of AUCD and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, brought together six teams, composed of 14 MCHB and UCEDD training programs to enhance their leadership training. Description Using adult learning principles, interactive training methods, and skill-focused(More)
A wealth of new information about the structure of the maser disk in NGC 4258 has been obtained from a series of 18 VLBA observations spanning three years, as well as from 32 additional epochs of spectral monitoring data from 1994 to the present, acquired with the VLA, Effelsberg, and GBT. The warp of the disk has been defined precisely. The thickness of(More)
in collaboration with members of the 1998 – 1999 Verbal Assessment Committee Michael Bernard-Donals, English Marion Brown, Agricultural Journalism Allan Cohen, Testing & Evaluation Services Michael Cruz, Communication Arts Brad Hughes, L&S Program for Writing Across the Curriculum Linda Hunter, African Languages & Literature Robert Hawkins, Journalism &(More)
INTRODUCTION There are increasing concerns over the presence and implications of pharmaceutical agents in water. In 2002, California banned pharmaceutical use of lindane because of concerns about water quality, as lindane treatment for head lice and scabies was found to be a significant factor adversely affecting wastewater quality. OBJECTIVES In this(More)
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