Elizabeth Grygar

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The effects of Cerebrolysin on isolated chicken cortical neurons in an iron induced oxidative stress model and in a combined iron-glutamate model have been examined. In a first part of experiments it has been shown that under low serum conditions exposure of neurons to different concentrations of ammonium-iron (III)citrate (1, 5 microM AC-Fe3+) for 8 days(More)
Glutamate induced neurotoxicity has been proposed to account for the loss of neurons after ischemia as well as in the cause of neurodegenerative diseases. We have studied the effects of exogenous glutamate on survival of neurons from chick embryo telencephalon, precultured with a peptide derivative for 8 days. The peptide derivative Cerebrolysin is a drug(More)
The epigenetic manipulation of precursors may provide data to elucidate the potential interactions among these cells in different brain regions. However, the response to epigenetic signals is modulated by the environment in which the cells are manipulated. Therefore, data regarding the action of a particular factor must be considered in the light of a(More)
The neuroprotective potency of N-PEP-12, a novel, proprietary compound consisting of biopeptides and amino acids was investigated. Lesion models have been applied in neuronal cultures of embryonic chicken cortex, pre-treated with N-PEP-12 from the first day onwards. On day 8 in vitro neurons were lesioned and cell viability was measured 24 and 48 hours(More)
INTRODUCTION The potential correspondence of precursor cells isolated from different brain regions is partially unknown. Since models and culture conditions used in several studies vary, comparison of precursor characteristics has been limited. OBJECTIVE In this paper epidermal growth factor (EGF)-responsive precursors from the striatum and septum were(More)
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