Elizabeth G Waters

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BACKGROUND Despite the fact that it is largely preventable, dental caries (decay) remains one of the most common chronic diseases of early childhood. Dental decay in young children frequently leads to pain and infection necessitating hospitalization for dental extractions under general anaesthesia. Dental problems in early childhood have been shown to be(More)
A series is presented of 830 patients in whom elective appendectomy was performed at the time of laparotomy for other intraabdominal disease. Special emphasis is given to 490 such procedures among 1042 patients with abdominal hysterectomy, an incidence of 47%. This increases to 57% by exclusion of patients with previous appendectomy. The contraindications(More)
Cloacal dysgenesis is an extremely rare birth deformity that occurs only in female infants. It results when the normal interposition of the müllerian system between the urinary and alimentary tracts fails to occur between the sixth and eighth weeks of fetal development. A case is presented of an infant who was born with a cloaca and survived temporizing(More)