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Whilst hypersensitivity to pitch information appears to be characteristic of many individuals with autism spectrum disorders little is known about the implications of such a tendency for language acquisition and development. Discrimination of systematically varied pitch differences between pairs of words, nonwords, and nonspeech pitch contour analogues was(More)
Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 high-functioning adults on the autism spectrum, in order to examine the nature of their personal experiences of music. Consistent with the literature on typically developing people's engagement with music, the analysis showed that most participants exploit music for a wide range of purposes in the cognitive,(More)
We describe biological and experimental factors that induce variability in reporter ion peak areas obtained from iTRAQ experiments. We demonstrate how these factors can be incorporated into a statistical model for use in evaluating differential protein expression and highlight the benefits of using analysis of variance to quantify fold change. We(More)
The RNA binding protein CELF1 (also known as CUGBP1) is emerging as a critical regulator of cancer cell proliferation and apoptosis. Here, to provide a global prospective of CELF1 regulation of oral squamous cell carcinoma, we performed RNA-sequencing in oral cancer cells and CELF1 overexpression analysis in non-malignant human oral keratinocytes. Our(More)
The provision of maternal and neonatal health care in rural northern Ghana is pluralistic, consisting of traditional and allopathic providers. Although women often use these providers interchangeably, important differences exist. This study explored the differences in approaches to maternal and neonatal care provision by these two different types of(More)
Heterogeneous population densities complicate comparisons of statistical power between hypothesis tests evaluating spatial clusters or clustering of disease. Specifically, the location of a cluster within a heterogeneously distributed population at risk impacts power properties, complicating comparisons of tests, and allowing one to map spatial variations(More)
Breast cancer patients who are HER2-positive receive targeted inhibitors to HER2, including trastuzumab and lapatinib. While patients benefit from the use of HER2 inhibitors, many fail therapy and almost all patients become resistant to treatment, indicating a critical need to prevent treatment failure. Several recent studies indicate that activation of(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent symptoms on acid suppressive therapy are due to either acid or nonacid gastroesophageal reflux (GER) episodes or are not related to reflux. AIM To compare physical and chemical characteristics of GER episodes associated with symptoms in patients on acid suppressive therapy. METHODS Patients with persistent symptoms on acid(More)
Biomarkers for acute kidney injury (AKI) have been used to predict the progression of AKI, but a systematic comparison of the prognostic ability of each biomarker alone or in combination has not been performed. In order to assess this, we measured the concentration of 32 candidate biomarkers in the urine of 95 patients with AKIN stage 1 after cardiac(More)
OBJECTIVE Prognostic factors for survival after bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis for functionally single ventricle are not well defined. We analyzed preoperative hemodynamic and echocardiographic data to determine risk factors for death or transplantation at least 1 year after bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis. METHODS Data for all patients(More)