Elizabeth Fernandes

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This work defines a security scheme, based on SPKI/SDSI chains of trust, for protecting mobile agent platforms in large-scale distributed systems. The scheme is composed by a protocol of mutual au-thentication, a mobile agent authenticator and a mechanism for the generation of protection domain. Due to the flexibility of the SPKI/SDSI certificate delegation(More)
Current smartphone systems allow the user to use only marginally contextual information to specify the behavior of the applications: this hinders the wide adoption of this technology to its full potential. In this paper, we fill this gap by proposing CRêPE, a fine-grained Context-Related Policy Enforcement System for Android. While the concept of(More)
Cystic dilatation of Cowper's gland ducts (Cowper's syringocele) is uncommon in children and is frequently asymptomatic, but it may cause urinary infection, haematuria, dysuria, and obstructive voiding symptoms. Fifteen consecutive children with syringocele aged 15 days to 15 years old are reported here. Only four patients with obstructive syringocele were(More)
AIM To assess the knowledge of HIV/AIDS prevention and factors associated with condom use among adolescent. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted among 410 outpatient adolescents. Association between knowledge on the transmission of HIV/AIDS and variables were analyzed using the chi-square test. Logistic regression model was used to estimate the(More)
INTRODUCTION Paediatric rheumatology (PR) is an emerging specialty, practised by a limited number of specialists. Currently, there is neither a record of the profile of rheumatology patients being treated in Brazil nor data on the training of qualified rheumatology professionals in the country. OBJECTIVE To investigate the profile of PR specialists and(More)
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