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From Sandals to Suits: Professionalisation, Coalition and the Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats have traditionally been viewed as a ‘bottom-up’ party with a relatively high degree of influence open to grass-roots members and party activists. However, following the dramaticExpand
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Facultative pupal mating in Heliconius erato: Implications for mate choice, female preference, and speciation
Abstract Mating systems have broad impacts on how sexual selection and mate choice operate within a species, but studies of mating behavior in the laboratory may not reflect how these processes occurExpand
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Two Paths for Writing by Women in Modernist Studies
In its turn to transnational and interdisciplinary methods and subjects, the field of modernist studies has moved decisively away from gender-based analyses of literary texts. Because feminist andExpand
White Girl teaching
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The Marriage Paradox: Modernist Novels and the Cultural Imperative to Marry (review)
“The marriage paradox,” as Davida Pines describes it, is that even as the institution of marriage is critiqued, undermined, or subverted, it is inevitably reinforced. Whereas Rachel Blau DuPlessis,Expand
The Effects of Ankle Taping on Plantar Pressure and Plantar Force Distribution during Gait
activities as a form of protection against lateral ligament injury and has been shown to decrease the incidence of ankle sprain (Norris, 2004). The literature on ankle taping suggests the possibilityExpand
Woolf and the City
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Gender and the Liberal Democrats
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