Elizabeth E Marfeo

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OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility and psychometric properties of 8 scales covering 2 domains of the newly developed Work Disability Functional Assessment Battery (WD-FAB): physical function (PF) and behavioral health (BH) function. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Community. PARTICIPANTS Adults (N=973) unable to work because of a physical(More)
OBJECTIVES To build a comprehensive item pool representing work-relevant physical functioning and to test the factor structure of the item pool. These developmental steps represent initial outcomes of a broader project to develop instruments for the assessment of function within the context of Social Security Administration (SSA) disability programs. (More)
Physical and mental impairments represent the 2 largest health condition categories for which workers receive Social Security disability benefits. Comprehensive assessment of physical and mental impairments should include aspects beyond medical conditions such as a person's underlying capabilities as well as activity demands relevant to the context of work.(More)
OBJECTIVE To use item response theory (IRT) data simulations to construct and perform initial psychometric testing of a newly developed instrument, the Social Security Administration Behavioral Health Function (SSA-BH) instrument, that aims to assess behavioral health functioning relevant to the context of work. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey followed by(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a broad set of claimant-reported items to assess behavioral health functioning relevant to the Social Security disability determination processes, and to evaluate the underlying structure of behavioral health functioning for use in development of a new functional assessment instrument. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING Community. (More)
OBJECTIVES To develop and test an instrument to assess physical function for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability programs, the SSA-Physical Function (SSA-PF) instrument. Item response theory (IRT) analyses were used to (1) create a calibrated item bank for each of the factors identified in prior factor analyses, (2) assess the fit of the items(More)
BACKGROUND The Work Disability Functional Assessment Battery (WD-FAB), developed for potential use by the US Social Security Administration to assess work-related function, currently consists of five multi-item scales assessing physical function and four multi-item scales assessing behavioral health function; the WD-FAB scales are administered as(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this article was to investigate optimal functioning of using frequency vs. agreement rating scales in two subdomains of the newly developed Work Disability Functional Assessment Battery: the Mood & Emotions and Behavioral Control scales. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A psychometric study comparing rating scale performance embedded in a(More)
BACKGROND Questions exist related to the best way to use medical evidence relative to self-report as part of the SSA disability determination process. OBJECTIVE To examine concordance between provider and claimant responses along the four dimensions of work related behavioral health functioning: Social Interactions, Mood and Emotions, Behavioral Control,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a system to guide interpretation of scores generated from 2 new instruments measuring work-related physical and behavioral health functioning (Work Disability - Physical Function (WD-PF) and WD - Behavioral Function (WD-BH)). DESIGN Cross-sectional, secondary data from 3 independent samples to develop and validate the functional(More)