Elizabeth E Baxter

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This study examined the self–structure (compartmentalization, self–complexity, and differential importance) of college students who reported maltreatment events before age 15. The focus was on emotional and sexual maltreatment, although physical maltreatment was taken into account. Only individuals who reported high sexual and high emotional events(More)
BACKGROUND Recently there has been increasing focus on monitoring pollinating insects, due to concerns about their declines, and interest in the role of volunteers in monitoring pollinators, particularly bumblebees, via citizen science. METHODOLOGY / PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The Big Bumblebee Discovery was a one-year citizen science project run by a partnership(More)
OBJECTIVE Differences between therapists (therapist effect) are often larger than differences between treatments (treatment effect) in explaining client outcomes, and thus should be considered relevant to providing optimal treatment to clients. However, research on therapist effectiveness has focused largely on global measures of distress as opposed to a(More)
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