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Celebrities are frequently used in conservation marketing as a tool to raise awareness, generate funding and effect behaviour change. The importance of evaluating effectiveness is widely recognised in both marketing and conservation but, to date, little research into the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement as a tool for conservation marketing has been(More)
This article illustrates how one academic health science center in a large metropolitan area sought to improve the quality of patient care by soliciting the input of their nursing staff in devising an action plan for change. The research model incorporated both survey and focus group methods used by nursing leaders in administration and practice to identify(More)
Subatmospheric pressure dressing (SPD) has been commercially available in the United States since 1995 as the vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) device. SPD increases local blood flow, decreases edema and bacterial count, and promotes the formation of granulation tissue. Despite recent clinical successes with the use of SPD in a variety of wound types, problems(More)
In this article, the authors report on part one of a three-part investigation studying the impact of bedside terminals at New York University Medical Center, New York, NY. Using a before-after parallel control-group design, the quality of computerized nursing documentation was studied before and after adding computers to patient rooms. The quality of(More)
This study is designed to calculate the prevalence of elder abuse in Wisconsin and the United States and to perform a geographic comparison of elder abuse prevalence by county in Wisconsin. The national data was obtained from the National Elder Abuse Incidence Study, and the Wisconsin data from the Department of Health and Family Services. The population(More)
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