Elizabeth Downing

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Digital forensic examiners face challenges outside the technical aspects of collecting, investigating, and storing digital information. Rules about admissibility and the licensing requirements for forensic professionals must also be taken into account. The use of digital data in an expanding number of US court cases and business investigations has(More)
A new calculat ion scheme for diffraction profiles is presented that combines the matr ix method with 0108-7673 / 92/050716-12506.00 A c t a Cryst. (1992). A48, 716-727 The Domain Matrix Method: a New Calculation Scheme for Diffraction Profiles BY S. PFLANZ AND W. MORITZ Ins t i tu t f i i r Kr is ta l lographie u n d Minera log ie der Universit i i t ,(More)
The fungicide maneb is moderately soluble in water and undergoes hydrolysis. Its main products for hydrolysis and photolysis are EU, ETU, EBIS, and glycine. Microbial degradation of maneb represents a minor breakdown route. Aquatic metabolism yields the main products EBIS, ETU, and EU. A field dissipation study showed that maneb persisted in soil for one(More)
The proper generation and preservation of digital data from Event Data Recorders (EDRs) can provide invaluable evidence to automobile crash reconstruction investigations. However, data collected from the EDR can be difficult to use and authenticate, complicating the presentation of such information as evidence in legal proceedings. Indeed, current(More)
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