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Credibility is a perceived quality and is evaluated with at least two major components: trustworthiness and expertise. Weblogs (or blogs) are a potentially fruitful genre for exploration of credibility assessment due to public disclosure of information that might reveal trustworthiness and expertise by webloggers (or bloggers) and availability of audience(More)
Information retrieval (IR) research has reached a point where it is appropriate to assess progress and to define a research agenda for the next five to ten years. This report summarizes a discussion of IR research challenges that took place at a recent workshop. The attendees of the workshop considered information retrieval research in a range of areas(More)
The research in this paper describes a Machine Learning technique called hierarchical text categorization which is used to solve the problem of finding equivalents from among different state and national education standards. The approach is based on a set of manually aligned standards and utilizes the hierarchical structure present in the standards to(More)
We have developed MetaExtract, a system to automatically assign Dublin Core + GEM metadata using extraction techniques from our natural language processing research MetaExtract is comprised of three distinct processes: eQuery and HTML-based Extraction modules and a Keyword Generator module. We conducted a Web-based survey to have users evaluate each(More)
This paper describes the retrieval experiments for the main task and list task of the TREC-10 question-answering track. The question answering system described automatically finds answers to questions in a large document collection. The system uses a two-stage retrieval approach to answer finding based on matching of named entities, linguistic patterns, and(More)