Elizabeth Csöregi

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The simultaneous detection of nitric oxide and glutamate using an array of individually addressable electrodes, in which the individual electrodes in the array were suitably modified with a highly sensitive nitric oxide sensing chemistry or a glutamate oxidase/redox hydrogel-based glutamate biosensor is presented. In a sequence of modification steps one of(More)
This report describes technical improvements to the manufacture of a carbon fibre electrode for the stable and sensitive detection of H2O2 (detection limit at 0.5 microM). This electrode was also modified through the co-immobilisation of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and/or choline oxidase (ChOx) in a bovine serum albumin (BSA) membrane for the development of(More)
The lux-gene fused Ralstonia eutropha, when adapting to static conditions, causes stratification of air-exposed and nutrient-rich cultures at above 0.15 mg biomass ml−1. The O2 respiring biofilm (luminous neuston) phase, along with the dark sub-neustonic suspension phase, develops within 5–60 min. The instability of the biphasic static culture was(More)
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