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Initiatives in electronic conveyancing and registration show the potential of new technologies to transform such systems, reducing costs and enhancing legal security. However, they also incur substantial risks of transferring costs and risks among registries, conveyancers and rightholders, instead of reducing them; entrenching the private interests of(More)
Forty-three cases of intractable epistaxis treated by major arterial ligation are described, with follow-up in 41 cases of up to 11 years. It would appear that this treatment is effective in the control of epistaxis, and there was no evidence of any long-term detrimental effect on the nose, or of any significant mortality. External carotid artery ligation(More)
Many survivors of hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) are challenged by physical, psychological, and social complications throughout the months and years post-transplant, as uncovered by many researchers during the past few years. The literature on the use of support groups for improving quality of life has mostly included studies of participants with(More)
A major goal in biology is to identify the genetic basis for phenotypic diversity. This goal underpins research in areas as diverse as evolutionary biology, plant breeding and human genetics. A limitation for this research is no longer the availability of sequence information but the development of functional genetic tools to understand the link between(More)