Elizabeth Cochary

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Differentiation of oligodendrocytes is accompanied by the extension of processes and the assembly of the myelin membrane. It is likely that the cytoskeleton plays an important role in this process in terms of changes in cell shape, transport of myelin components, and organization of the myelin membrane. Oligodendrocytes contain microtubules (MT) which(More)
Plasma membrane proteolipid (plasmolipin), which was originally isolated from kidney membranes, has also been shown to be present in brain. In this study, we examined the distribution of plasmolipin in brain regions, myelin, and oligodendroglial membranes. Immunoblot analysis of different brain regions revealed that plasmolipin levels were higher in regions(More)
Plasmolipin is a plasma membrane proteolipid which has recently been described as a component of myelin (Cochary et al.: Journal of Neurochemistry 55:602-610, 1990). The present study reports the expression and localization of plasmolipin in primary glial cultures and secondary oligodendrocyte cultures. Double-label immunofluorescence showed that(More)
Plasmolipin is a plasma membrane proteolipid is a major myelin membrane component (Cochary et al., 1990). In this study we report the phylogenic expression of plasmolipin in the vertebrate nervous system. Using Western blot analysis with polyclonal antibodies, we have analyzed membrane fractions, including myelin, from elasmobranchs, teleosts, amphibians,(More)
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