Elizabeth Carpenter

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The bacteriophage population is large, dynamic, ancient, and genetically diverse. Limited genomic information shows that phage genomes are mosaic, and the genetic architecture of phage populations remains ill-defined. To understand the population structure of phages infecting a single host strain, we isolated, sequenced, and compared 627 phages of(More)
An ethnographic study employing intensive participant observation methods identified critical differences in styles of searching for competitive employment among people with severe mental illness and explored the social/cultural correlates of these job-seeking styles. Propensity for active job seeking was strongly associated with younger age, with(More)
Simple, yet effective methods for emergency treatment and control of intra-abdominal hemorrhage have long been sought without apparent success. The following Part I of a two part experiment is intended to evaluate the efficacy of a percutaneously inserted intra-aortic, infra-diaphragmatie balloon tamponade for this purpose. Part II of our experiment is(More)
OBJECTIVES Our goals were to determine whether a bovine milk product containing anti-Candida albicans immunoglobulin A antibodies ("immune milk") could reduce the adherence of C albicans to voice prosthesis silicone in vitro, and whether administration of the milk could reduce C albicans colonization and voice prosthesis damage in vivo. METHODS An in(More)
Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Liviidae), is an invasive citrus pest in California that vectors a bacterium that causes the deadly citrus disease huanglongbing. From 2014–2015, 116 experimental D. citri cohorts were monitored to determine survivorship, life table parameters, and marginal rates of mortality of immature D. citri(More)
BACKGROUND There is a need to characterize the practice of nurse specialists, for several reasons: to identify the skills and knowledge required for the role, to safeguard the role and to facilitate appropriate remuneration of activities. OBJECTIVE To develop an instrument, which characterizes the clinical and professional activities of rheumatology nurse(More)