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Cross-modal integration of multimodal courtship signals in a wolf spider
Cross-modal integration, i.e., cognitive binding of information transmitted in more than one signal mode, is important in animal communication, especially in complex, noisy environments in whichExpand
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Multimodal communication in wolf spiders: Playback studies with visual and vibratory signals
Previous studies of Schizocosa ocreata wolf spiders have shown that visual and vibration signals are equally capable of eliciting female receptivity, but that multimodal cues enhance female response.Expand
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Male courtship signal modality and female mate preference in the wolf spider Schizocosa ocreata: results of digital multimodal playback studies
Abstract Females must be able to perceive and assess male signals, especially when they occur simultaneously with those of other males. Previous studies show female Schizocosa ocreata wolf spidersExpand
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