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Researchers are encouraged to freely express their professional judgment. Therefore, points of view or opinions stated in College Board Reports do not necessarily represent official College Board position or policy. Founded in 1900, the College Board is a not-for-profit educational association that supports academic preparation and transition to higher(More)
Melanomas are highly heterogeneous tumors, but the biological significance of their different subpopulations is not clear. Using the H3K4 demethylase JARID1B (KDM5B/PLU-1/RBP2-H1) as a biomarker, we have characterized a small subpopulation of slow-cycling melanoma cells that cycle with doubling times of >4 weeks within the rapidly proliferating main(More)
BACKGROUND The role of laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair (LHHR) at the time of laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass (LRYGB) is still debatable. This study aims to assess the safety of concomitant LHHR with LRYGB. METHODS This study is a multi-center, retrospective analysis of a large administrative database. The University Health System Consortium (UHC)(More)
The circumsporozoite genes and flanking sequences of the Ceylon, Gombak, London, NIH and Mulligan strains of the Plasmodium cynomolgi complex were isolated by molecular cloning and compared. About 11,000 bases of the Gombak clone were mapped in detail and found to have their exact counterparts in all the other strains. In contrast the epitope-encoding(More)
We report the identification, sequence, and expression in Escherichia coli of the immunodominant epitope of the circumsporozoite (CS) gene of Plasmodium cynomolgi (Gombak), a simian malaria parasite. This epitope is encoded by a DNA sequence that is tandemly repeated 10 times in the cDNA clone. Subclones that contain and express only repeats and in variable(More)
Methylation and phosphorylation of chromosomal nonhistone protein (NHP) has been demonstrated in the salivary gland cells of diptera [5, 7] and implicated in the control of gene expression [35, 36]. Furthermore, hormones can stimulate methyl and phosphoryl side chain metabolism and thus enhance template activity. Salivary glands from late fourth instar(More)
Synthesis and transport of proteins to the cell nucleus during puff induction was studied in S. coprophila. Changes in grain distribution along chromosomes (L-methionine [35S] incorporation into protein) were correlated with puffs induced by ecdysterone in vitro; A pattern of specific labelling at the sites of incipient puffs was noted within 2 h after the(More)