Elizabeth C. Olson

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Excitotoxic neuronal death, associated with neurodegenerative disorders and hypoxic insults, results from excessive exposure to excitatory neurotransmitters. Glutamate neurotoxicity is triggered primarily by massive Ca2+ influx arising from overstimulation of the NMDA subtype of glutamate receptors. The underlying mechanisms, however, remain elusive. We(More)
Calcium ions play critical roles in neuronal development, but the factors that govern spontaneous fluctuations in intracellular calcium are not well understood. Transient, repeated elevations of calcium in embryonic Xenopus spinal neurons have been recorded over periods of 1 hr in vitro and in vivo, confocally imaging fluo-3-loaded cells at 5 sec intervals.(More)
Calcium ions play critical roles in neuronal differentiation. We have recorded transient, repeated elevations of calcium in embryonic Xenopus spinal neurons over periods of 1 h in vitro and in vivo, confocally imaging fluo 3-loaded cells at 5 s intervals. Calcium spikes and calcium waves are found both in neurons in culture and in the intact spinal cord.(More)
Mast cell colonies were obtained when lymph node cells of horse serum-immunized Balb/c mice were cultured in a horse serum-containing medium on embryonic fibroblast monolayer. In order to characterized precursors of mast cells, mesenteric lymph node cells from the immunized mice were fractionated to obtain nonadherent cells, a B cell-depleted fraction and a(More)
Living neurons are usually first identifiable in primary cultures at the time of neurite initiation, and studies of excitability have been restricted largely to the subsequent period. A morphological early marker is described that identifies neurons for whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings before neurite initiation. Video time-lapse recordings of cultured(More)
Asahina, Y. 1936-1940. Mikrochemiseher Nachweis der Flechtenstoffe I-XI. Jour. Jap. Bot. 12: 516-525, 859-872. 1936; 13: 529-536, 855-861. 1937; 14: 39-44, 244-250, 318-323, 650-65% 767-773. 1938; 15: 465-472. 1939; 16: 185-193. 1940. Culberson, W.L. 1962. Some pseudocyphellate Parmeliae. Nova Hedwigia 4: 563-577. Dahl, E. 1952. On the use of lichen(More)
A method is introduced to incorporate sustainability considerations in the early design stages, while simultaneously accounting for supply chain factors, such as cost and lead time. Overall, this work is our first step in understanding the trade-offs between sustainability metrics and more traditional supply chain performance metrics (i.e., cost and lead(More)
We have examined cells cultured from ectoderm-misexpressing Neurogenin1 (Ngn1) to describe better the extent to which this gene can control aspects of neuronal phenotype including motility, morphology, excitability, and synaptic properties. Like primary spinal neurons which normally express Ngn1, cells in Ngn1-misexpressing cultures exhibit a(More)