Elizabeth C Looke-Stewart

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Within the hippocampus and neocortex, GABA is considered to be excitatory in early development due to a relatively depolarized Cl(-) reversal potential (E(Cl)). Although the depolarizing nature of synaptic GABAergic events has been well established, it is unknown whether cortical tonic currents mediated by extrasynaptically located GABA(A) receptors(More)
Most cortical interneurons originate in a region of the embryonic subpallium called the medial ganglionic eminence (MGE). When MGE cells are transplanted into cerebral cortex, these progenitors migrate extensively and differentiate into functional inhibitory neurons. Although MGE progenitors have therapeutic potential following transplantation, it is(More)
Activation of metabotropic GABAB receptors (GABABRs) enhances tonic GABA current and substantially increases the frequency of spontaneous seizures. Despite the and pro-epileptic consequences of GABABR activation, mice lacking functional GABAB receptors (GABAB1R KO mice) exhibit clonic and rare absence seizures. To examine these mutant mice further, we(More)
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