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Inspector, an expert system, was implemented to assist foreign exchange management in the monitoring of trader activity and the compliance of risk management policies. The knowledge of senior foreign exchange managers, traders, controllers, and auditors is contained in an expert system shell, Nexpert Object. The foreign exchange deals from all(More)
  • Itamar Levinger, Ego Seeman, George Jerums, Glenn K. McConell, Mark S. Rybchyn, Samantha Cassar +5 others
  • 2016
Aging is associated with a reduction in osteoblast life span and the volume of bone formed by each basic multicellular unit. Each time bone is resorbed, less is deposited producing microstructural deterioration. Aging is also associated with insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, either of which may cause, or be the result of, a decline in undercarboxylated(More)
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