Elizabeth Bruce

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BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery is an effective means of managing weight and reducing medical co-morbidities in the obese patient. However, psychological difficulties are common and adequate multidisciplinary support is vital for post-surgical success. Videoconferencing is potentially a vehicle for the delivery of support to patients residing in remote areas.(More)
BACKGROUND Among the most vulnerable people in society are children and this is especially so in their access to health care Off-label prescription of paediatric medicines is known to be associated with safety outcomes some of which may be serious. This study identifies frequently prescribed children's medicines that are not readily available in Ghana and(More)
BIG DATA AND PRIVACY " One thing should be clear, even though we live in a world in which we share personal information more freely than in the past, we must reject the conclusion that privacy is an outmoded value. It has been at the heart of our democracy from its inception, and we need it now more than ever "-­‐ President Barak Obama "Technology in this(More)
Overview The research in the Physical Optics and Electronics Group is divided along three primary themes: • Integrated Photonics • Biophotonics and Bioprocessors • Thermodynamics of Semiconductor Devices In all three areas the goal of this research is to exploit processes in physics to invent new devices that lead to better systems. Each researcher works to(More)
The equations (13) and (14) are algebraically consistent and may be solved as (7) and (8) in the real case. It may be observed that at this step the real and the imaginary parts of the eigenvectors are obtained as a solution of a fourdagonal system of linear equations. In this way the complex conjugate poles are treated in a similar manner as the real poles(More)
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