Elizabeth Bruce

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Chronic pain is a widespread and significant clinical problem. It can result in major negative short- and long-term physical and emotional effects in multiple domains of children's and their families' lives as Pain Associated Disability Syndrome. Assessment of chronic pain is challenging but it is an essential clinical task. Management requires a(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery is an effective means of managing weight and reducing medical co-morbidities in the obese patient. However, psychological difficulties are common and adequate multidisciplinary support is vital for post-surgical success. Videoconferencing is potentially a vehicle for the delivery of support to patients residing in remote areas.(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacists by their training have the competences and skills to promote safe use of medicines which is an essential component of patient safety. This study explored the perceptions of hospital pharmacists' role in medication safety in Ghana, identified their attendant challenges and ways of enhancing such roles in the future. METHOD A(More)
Overview The research in the Physical Optics and Electronics Group is divided along three primary themes: • Integrated Photonics • Biophotonics and Bioprocessors • Thermodynamics of Semiconductor Devices In all three areas the goal of this research is to exploit processes in physics to invent new devices that lead to better systems. Each researcher works to(More)
BACKGROUND Among the most vulnerable people in society are children and this is especially so in their access to health care Off-label prescription of paediatric medicines is known to be associated with safety outcomes some of which may be serious. This study identifies frequently prescribed children's medicines that are not readily available in Ghana and(More)
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