Elizabeth Bowen

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Homenet is a broadband distributed communication system that supports data, real-time digitized voice, and analog video on a single cable in a CATV type of network. The distance limitation problem encountered in local area networking schemes is eliminated by dividing the large CATV net into smaller “homenets.” This feature makes the network(More)
We address the problem of ranking relationships in an automatically constructed knowledge graph. We propose a probabilistic ranking mechanism that utilizes entity popularity, entity affinity, and support from text corpora for the relationships. Results obtained from preliminary experiments on a standard dataset are encouraging and show that our proposed(More)
Alberts Bels is a Latvian author whose literary works contain the most notable cinematic elements in Latvian literature. He is also one of those authors who uses a lot of functional cinematic elements alongside with structural ones. Both of these cinematic elements frame the intertextual depth of a text and also make characters dynamic, understandable and(More)
Socioeconomic Status and the Treatment of Depression: The Role of Therapist Attitudes, the Theraputic Relationship, and Addressing Stressful Life Circumstances by Lydia Ann Falconnier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Advancing One’s Calling: The Roles of Internal Labor Markets and Social Capital in Human Services Career Plateauing by Anna(More)
<bold>Research problem</bold>: <italic>The purpose of the study was to fill gaps in our knowledge about technical editors&#x2019; work practices and perceptions, knowledge that might be useful for teachers and practitioners, as well as current and prospective students</italic>. <bold>Research questions:</bold> (<italic>1) What work activities do technical(More)
It has been pointed out by critics, such as H. Lee, S. Wasson and others, that the house is a focal point in many Bowen’s works. It plays a significant role and has a symbolic dominance in the novels and short-stories written by the author. “A living, organic part of the world”, as Elizabeth Bowen calls it, in her fiction the house has the value very much(More)
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