Elizabeth Bourne

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1. Reaction of UTP and alpha-d-galactose 1-phosphate with [U-(14)C]sucrose in the presence of a Vicia faba dormant-seed preparation yielded the trisaccharide raffinose. 2. UTP-alpha-d-galactose 1-phosphate-uridylyltransferase activity has been demonstrated in the bean preparation and evidence for the participation of UDP-galactose in the trisaccharide(More)
Considerable research on ego identity has appeared over the past 15 years, indicating the need for an overall review. Part I commences by considering the complexity of Erikson's concept and suggesting several different theoretical contexts in which it has been used. The validity of investigators' attempts to operationalize the concept "ego identity" is(More)
Cortisone causes a marked increase in the activity of liver acid alpha-glucosidase 2h after injection into male Wistar rats. Studies on rat liver tissue slices, isolated lysosomes and cultured skin fibroblasts have demonstrated similar elevations of acid alpha-glucosidase activity after incubation with cortisone. Cortisone-treated human liver tissue,(More)