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Australian Subtropical White Syndrome (ASWS) is an infectious, temperature dependent disease of the subtropical coral Turbinaria mesenterina involving a hitherto unknown transmissible causative agent. This report describes significant changes in the coral associated bacterial community as the disease progresses from the apparently healthy tissue of ASWS(More)
Developing computational methodology for processing, integrating and interpreting high-throughput genomic data (especially next-generation sequencing data like ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq), and its applications in biomedical and cancer research. The 2 nd Ph.D. intern since NIBR established in Emeryville, CA. Large-scale RNA-Seq analysis over 4 TB data of over 100(More)
Methods are described by which DNA can be amplified directly from ectomycorrhizal root tip homogenates of a variety of plant species (Picea mariana (black spruce), Betula papyrifera (paper birch), Populus tremuloides (trembling aspen) and Alnus sp.(alder)), including root tips that have been preserved in RNA Later (Ambion, Austin, TX). In most cases for(More)
We study the problem of selecting control clones in DNA array hybridization experiments. The problem arises in the OFRG method for analyzing microbial communities. The OFRG method performs classification of rRNA gene clones using binary fingerprints created from a series of hybridization experiments, where each experiment consists of hybridizing a(More)
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