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Latino Representation on Primetime Television
This study analyzes the frequency and quality of depictions of Latinos during the 2002 primetime television season. Research on cultivation theory and social identity theory provides insight into theExpand
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Mean Girls? The Influence of Gender Portrayals in Teen Movies on Emerging Adults' Gender-Based Attitudes and Beliefs
This two-part exploratory study utilized a social cognitive theory framework in documenting gender portrayals in teen movies and investigating the influence of exposure to these images onExpand
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The Effects of the Sexualization of Female Video Game Characters on Gender Stereotyping and Female Self-Concept
The present study utilized an experimental design to investigate the short term effects of exposure to sexualized female video game characters on gender stereotyping and female self-concept inExpand
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Mirrored selves: The influence of self-presence in a virtual world on health, appearance, and well-being
An empirical study of the role of self-presence in a social virtual world on individuals' offline health, appearance, and well-being. Expand
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The Cultivation of Social Perceptions of Latinos: A Mental Models Approach
This survey investigates the relationship between exposure to television portrayals of Latinos and real world perceptions of Latinos in the U.S. To aid in this assessment, contributions from theExpand
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Exposure to Television Portrayals of Latinos: The Implications of Aversive Racism and Social Identity Theory
Although research suggests that manifestations of blatant racism are on the decline, findings additionally demonstrate that subtle racism remains prevalent when contexts provide sufficient ambiguityExpand
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The Influence of Exposure to Depictions of Race and Crime in TV News on Viewer's Social Judgments
This two-study experimental design utilizes a group-based priming framework to investigate the relationship between exposure to television news portrayals that intersect race with violent crime andExpand
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Pinterest or Thinterest?: Social Comparison and Body Image on Social Media
Social media have become increasingly popular mechanisms for communication. Past research suggests a link between using social media, upward social comparison, and negative affect. This onlineExpand
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Giving a new makeover to STEAM: Establishing YouTube beauty gurus as digital literacy educators through messages and effects on viewers
The present research examines YouTube content creators, specifically YouTube beauty gurus, as digital literacy educators and how they can represent the technology field and educate viewers about technology uses. Expand
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A Second Chance at Health: How a 3D Virtual World Can Improve Health Self-Efficacy for Weight Loss Management Among Adults
We examine the effectiveness of virtual embodiment and play in a social virtual world for increasing health self-efficacy (exercise and nutrition efficacy) among overweight adults. Expand
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