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Emergence and Fundamentality
Elizabeth Barnes Draft, April 2010 Abstract: In this paper, I argue for a new way of characterizing ontological emergence. I appeal to recent discussions in metaontology of fundamentality andExpand
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The Minority Body: A Theory of Disability
Preface Introduction 1. Constructing Disability 2. Bad-difference/Mere-difference 3. The Value-Neutral Model 4. Taking Their Word for It 5. Causing Disability 6. Disability Pride
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Valuing Disability, Causing Disability*
Disability rights activists often claim that disability is not—by itself—something that makes disabled people worse off. A popular objection to such a view of disability is this: were it correct, itExpand
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Disability, Minority, and Difference
In this paper I develop a characterization of disability according to which disability is in no way a sub-optimal feature. I argue, however, that this conception of disability is compatible with theExpand
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States of Sympathy: Seduction and Democracy in the American Novel
States of Sympathy calls for a new approach to reading early American fiction and politics, one that recognizes sympathy as crucial to the construction of American identity: to read sympatheticallyExpand
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