Elizabeth Baker

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About one-fourth to one-half of all infant deaths in developing countries occur in the first week of life. Immediate breastfeeding within the first hour, followed by early exclusive breastfeeding, improves the health and survival status of newborns. The aim of this study was to demonstrate that breastfeeding practices, crucial to infant health, can be(More)
We describe two techniques, developed through cadaveric dissections, for the electromyographic examination of the lumbar interspinal muscles and medial lumbar multifidi. Previous anatomic studies have indicated that these medial paraspinal muscles share unisegmental innervation by a single nerve root. Electromyography of these muscles may therefore improve(More)
Business Intelligence (BI) has become one of the highest priorities of CIOs today and a significant investment for many organizations. While there are a few models that are emerging to provide guidance as to factors that support successful BI, how BI systems are used has not been extensively studied relative to the benefits realized. We propose a model that(More)
When individuals assigned to Information Technology (IT) projects do not work as hard as they could, effort withholding occurs. Effort withholding is defined as the likelihood that an individual will give less than full effort on a job-related task. While an extensive body of work demonstrates that effort withholding is prevalent in all types of teamwork,(More)
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