Elizabeth Augustine

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Reexamination of 23 patients 1 year after elective anterior temporal lobectomy for intractable complex partial (psychomotor) seizures showed a reduction in certain memory functions combined with an improvement in others. Both improvement and impairment in selective memory functions were related to the degree of postoperative seizure reduction as well as to(More)
BACKGROUND Fibrosis is a common side effect after treatment with ionizing radiation. Several methods to ameliorate debilitating fibrosis have been employed but without consistent results. The goal of this pilot study is to determine if Pirfenidone, a novel regulator of cytokine gene expression, has the potential to ameliorate established radiation-induced(More)
Responsibilities of this full-time two-year fellowship included conducting and interpreting neuropsychological assessments daily for adolescent, adult, and geriatric in-and outpatients as well as dictating reports and providing feedback on performance to patients, family members, health care professionals, and school personnel. medical conditions. Attended(More)
Occupational adjustment was investigated in a group of 32 adult epileptic patients followed for 1 to 10 years after cortical resection for intractable seizures. An employment status rating was assigned according to the following scale: (1) employed (working 75 to 100% of full time); (2) underemployed (25 to 74%); and (3) unemployed (0 to 24%). The number of(More)
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