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BACKGROUND This paper synthesizes research and theory on aspects of activities producing variations in perceived temporality and subjective experience. SYNTHESIS A proposed continuum of variations of six temporal experience are described: 1) protracted duration--elapsed time feels greater than actual elapsed clock time; 2) synchronicity--match of clock(More)
  • E A Larson
  • 2000
OBJECTIVES This article describes the relationship of mothers' orchestration of daily occupations, the specialized maternal work of parenting a child with a disability, and the mother's subjective well-being. METHOD Mothers' daily occupations and subjective well-being were studied using multiple in-depth interviews, participant observation of a day's(More)
BACKGROUND The interpretation of neuropathological studies of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is complicated by potential selection mechanisms that can drive whether or not a study participant is observed to undergo autopsy. Notwithstanding this, there appears to have been little emphasis placed on potential selection bias in published reports from(More)
We reviewed the implementation of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) in South Africa from January 2010 to March 2011. The South African National Department of Health distributed revised IPT guidelines in May 2010 to increase IPT use in eligible human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected patients. We found a dramatic increase in the absolute numbers of(More)
This study presents emergent findings from a qualitative study of caregivers' well-being that illuminates why caregivers of children with autism are often found to be more stressed by their caregiving than caregivers of children with other disabilities. Nine mothers with diverse backgrounds whose sons had autism spectrum disorders participated. Data were(More)
  • E A Larson
  • 1996
OBJECTIVES A mother-child life history was analyzed to examine the multiple dimensions of adaptation in a family grouping, including temporality, maternal values, and life contexts. METHOD In-depth interviews, participant observation, and documents (e.g., therapy notes, medical records) produced the data for this study. A multiple step narrative analysis(More)
As a profession, occupational therapists are guided in practice by the accumulated knowledge of occupational therapy. This article demonstrates the contributions of life-history and narrative research to this knowledge base. We are suggesting that in response to our humanistic roots, we must pursue additional knowledge, principles of practice, and ethical(More)
This study identified key indicators of well-being for caregivers of children with disabilities, Thirty-nine caregivers completed life satisfaction and psychological well-being (WB) measures, and qualitative interviews. Data analysis included descriptive statistics of WB measures and categorical analysis of qualitative data. Data triangulation was achieved(More)