Elizabeth Andrews

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The proteolysis kinetics of intact proteins by nonspecific proteases provides valuable information on transient partial unfolding of proteins under native conditions. Native-state proteolysis is an approach to utilize the proteolysis kinetics to assess the energetics of partial unfolding in a quantitative manner. In native-state proteolysis, folded proteins(More)
In recent years, comparative effectiveness research has been more aggressively pursued as a means to improve health care, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses to inform health policy decision making. Because most clinical trials have pre-specified approaches to collecting data on efficacy, the value of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in(More)
BACKGROUND Quality indicators (QIs) are an important tool for improving clinical practice and are increasingly being developed from evidence-based guideline recommendations. We aimed to identify, select and apply guideline recommendations to develop a set of QIs to measure the implementation of evidence-based practice using routinely recorded clinical data(More)
Novice motorists are at high crash risk during the first few months of driving. Risky behaviours such as speeding and driving while distracted are well-documented contributors to crash risk during this period. To reduce this public health burden, effective road safety interventions need to target the pre-driving period. We use the Theory of Planned(More)
BACKGROUND The NHS has a target of cutting its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. Travel comprises 17% of the NHS carbon footprint. This carbon footprint represents the total CO2 emissions caused directly or indirectly by the NHS. Patient journeys have previously been planned largely without regard to the environmental impact.(More)
Poor sleep, depression, and anxiety are common in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and associated with increased risk of relapse and poor outcomes. The effectiveness of therapies in improving such psychosocial outcomes is unclear but is an important question to examine with increasing selectivity of therapeutic agents. This prospective cohort(More)