Elizabeth A. Willis

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"the discovery and confirmation of universals". The genealogy of this enterprise is from A. McLelland. The present book is primarily about the methodological problems involved in applying orthodox statistical and psychometric techniques to data pertaining to "historical individuals"; quantification, sampling, validity, reliability, and regression analysis(More)
The traditional view that war is 'good' for medicine has been challenged by some historians in recent decades. In the case of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, a number of advances in wound treatment, emergency surgery and other areas reputedly occurred, and were important in shaping the medical response to more extended warfare in 1939-1945. At the same(More)
In the context of intensified international concern about biological weapons (BW), this article looks at the pioneering British research in this field during the Second World War, which caused the long-term contamination of Gruinard Island in north-west Scotland. Public Record Office documents have been examined to show how scientists reported on the(More)
The decades-long contamination of Gruinard Island by anthrax is now a well-known part of the history of biological weapons (BW) development, as well as that of military encroachments in the Scottish Highlands and Islands (and the authorities' rather less persistent efforts at damage limitation). Some accounts have included the related episode, reportedly(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic pain such as arthritis has a significant impact on occupational performance in the workplace that contributes to decreased productivity, reduced rates of employment, personal and societal economic costs. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of WORK, a scoping review was conducted to understand the knowledge base on chronic pain. The(More)