Elizabeth A Tucker

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BACKGROUND Underreporting of food intake has been commonly observed. We hypothesized that experience with recording dietary information might increase the accuracy of the records. To test this hypothesis, we compared energy intake and energy expenditure in dietitians-who are experienced in recording food intake-with those of non-dietitians, whose only(More)
Mediator (MED) 220/thyroid receptor-associated protein (TRAP) 220 is a transcriptional mediator that interacts with liganded thyroid/steroid hormone receptors. MED220 haploinsufficient heterozygotes exhibited hypothyroidism and reduced TSHbeta transcripts, suggesting a specific function for TSHbeta transcription. We previously demonstrated that Pit-1 and(More)
BACKGROUND Historically weight loss is a classic symptom of Coeliac Disease (CD). Recent studies suggest CD sufferers are significantly more likely to be obese or underweight at the time of presentation. This study aimed to establish the frequency of obesity in newly diagnosed Coeliac Disease (CD). METHODS Dietetic records of CD patients were reviewed and(More)
We employed agarose gel preparative electrophoresis to separate gold nanoparticles based on size, shape, and charge. The separating technique was first demonstrated by size separation of 5 nm, 15 nm, and 20 nm spherical gold nanoclusters; and further evidenced through the purification of crude 15 +/- 2.7 nm nanoclusters to nanoclusters that were 15 +/- 0.4(More)
In this report we have examined changes in cell growth parameters, cell cycle effectors, and signaling pathways that accompany thyrotrope growth arrest by thyroid hormone (TH) and growth resumption after its withdrawal. Flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry of proliferation markers demonstrated that TH treatment of thyrotrope tumors resulted in a(More)
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