Elizabeth A. Stark

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The overall composition of the maize B is similar to that of the standard chromosome complement (A-chromosomes). This has been demonstrated by the use of several methods including: (a) genomicin situ hybridization (GISH), (b) analysis of highly repetitive sequences by the comparison of restriction digests of 0B and +B DNA and (c) the characterization of(More)
SoMoGYI, M. 1945 A new reageint for the determination of sugars. J. Biol. Chem., 160, 61-68. THORNBERRY, H. H., AND ANDERSON, H. W. 1948 Synthetic medium for Streptomyces griseus and the production of streptomycin. Arch. Biochem., 16, 389-397. TILDEN, E. B., AND HUDSON, C. S. 1942 Preparation and properties of the amylases produced by Bacillus macerans and(More)
Ten fingers and ten toes was all that used to matter. Now in the genomic era, we have more to go on than just digits. It is theoretically possible for expectant parents to receive the whole genome sequence of the fetus in the course of prenatal screening. This has been done by using cell-free DNA in maternal plasma at 18.5 weeks with the saliva of the(More)
Continuing advances in simulator technology have produced almost totally real instrument and aural cue systems, and a number of specialized G-cuing systems are rapidly being matched to the sensory capabilities and needs of flight crews. Intensive research in visual cuing is providing more and more realistic visual scenes and, in general, flight simulators(More)
A search of the M1genome sequence, which includes 97% of the Myxococcus xanthus genes, identified 53 sequence homologs of sigma54-dependent enhancer binding proteins (EBPs). A DNA microarray was constructed from the M1genome that includes those homologs and 318 other M. xanthus genes for comparison. To screen the developmental program with this array, an(More)
After repeated media attention in 2013 due to the Angelina Jolie disclosure and the Supreme Court decision to ban gene patents, the demand for cancer genetic counseling and testing services has never been greater. Debate has arisen regarding who should provide such services and the quality of genetics services being offered. In this ongoing case series, we(More)