Elizabeth A Pryde

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BACKGROUND The host response to cell death underpins the immune activation that follows acute liver injury, and measurement of circulating cell death markers could therefore aid prognostication following paracetamol overdose. Nucleosomes, formed during apoptosis, can complex with high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) protein and may play a pathogenic role in(More)
Milk protein concentrations were determined either by double antibody radioimmunoassay (IgA and IgG) or single radial immunodiffusion (lactoferrin) in the mammary secretions of seven healthy non-lactating subjects and eight patients with breast disease. IgA and IgG were detected in all samples of breast secretion (whether from normal or diseased breasts)(More)
The IgA concentration of various blood products was examined by a radioimmunoassay, and the lowest IgA concentrations were seen in frozen-thawed-washed red blood cells. The routine Regional Blood Transfusion Centre preparation contained a mean IgA concentration of 0.117 mg/l (n=21) in the frozen-thawed-washed red blood cell supernatant fluid. Further(More)
Wide variations in the concentrations of IgA, IgG, lactoferrin, lysozyme and albumin were found in 96 cyst fluids obtained from 75 patients with gross cystic disease of the breast. Sedimentation coefficient determination were performed on 19 of the cyst fluids with the highest IgA concentrations in an attempt to discover the basis for the wide variation and(More)
CONTEXT An elevated troponin I (TnI) is associated with a poorer prognosis during critical illness. OBJECTIVE Our aims were to determine whether significant paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity was associated with an elevated TnI; if this elevation was persistent and was associated with worse clinical outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this retrospective(More)
Milk protein concentrations were determined either by double antibody radioimmunoassay (IgA) or single radial immunodiffusion (IgG, lactoferrin, lysozyme and albumin) in the mammayr secretions of one nulliparous and three parous female patients with galactorrhoea due to hyperprolactinaemia. Concentrations of all the proteins studied were found to be similar(More)
Background. Small-for-size syndrome (SFSS) occurs in the presence of insufficient liver mass to maintain normal function after liver transplantation. Murine mortality following 85% hepatectomy can be reduced by the use of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products (sRAGE) to scavenge damage-associated molecular patterns and prevent their(More)
BACKGROUND Macrophage activation is implicated in the pathogenesis of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) following paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose (POD). Neopterin is synthesised from macrophages and reflects the intensity of monocyte/macrophage activation. Soluble CD163 (sCD163) is a marker of alternatively activated M2 macrophages. (More)
OBJECTIVES Pentraxin 3 (PTX3) is a long pentraxin with diverse humoral innate immune functions. The aims of this study were to measure levels of PTX3 and C-reactive protein (CRP), a hepatocyte-derived short pentraxin, in patients after acute liver injury. METHODS PTX3 and CRP levels were measured in a total of 60 patients [48 paracetamol overdose (POD),(More)
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