Elizabeth A. Marshall

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Previous observations show that humans outperform non-human primates on some temporally-based auditory discrimination tasks, suggesting there are species differences in the proficiency of auditory temporal processing among primates. To further resolve these differences we compared the abilities of rhesus macaques and humans to detect sine-amplitude(More)
A class of single-turn solenoids that permits magnetic imaging of the extremities in horizontal bore magnets with improved coupling between the imaged anatomy and the rf section of the imager is described and demonstrated. These devices differ from more conventional designs primarily by the placement of one or more access holes in the side of the generally(More)
A modified version of a single-turn solenoid with rectangular symmetry, which we call a ribbonator, provides excellent magnetic resonance images of the hand and wrist when used as both the transmitter and the receiver in a 1.5-T clinical imaging system. The very high RF efficiency provides excellent signal-to-noise and anatomical resolution. Design(More)
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