Elizabeth A Maloney

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Sera and questionnaire data from a population-based random sample of healthy adults was used to evaluate factors influencing neopterin and β2-microglobulin (β2m) values. Both neopterin and β2m levels increased with age and were higher among white than blacks (mean values for whites and blacks: neopterin, 5.06 vs 4.49 nmol/L; β2m, 1.36 vs 1.28 mg/L). Gender(More)
AIMS To examine suicidal behaviour and the associated risk factors among opioid-dependent cases and non-opioid-dependent controls. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING Sydney, Australia. PARTICIPANTS A total of 726 opioid-dependent cases and 399 non-opioid-dependent controls, matched on age, sex and employment status. FINDINGS Cases had significantly(More)
This paper aimed to determine whether non-fatal opioid overdose and suicide attempts are distinct behaviours by examining the histories of 1500 opioid-dependent individuals. This paper utilised data collected as part of a large retrospective case-control study. Unintentional non-fatal opioid overdoses were more common than suicide attempts (58% vs. 32%).(More)
Childhood adversity is associated with elevated risk for a wide range of adult psychiatric disorders, and has significant and sustained negative effects on adult behavioural and social functioning. Elevated rates of childhood adversity have been reported for people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The aim of the present study was to assess rates of(More)
The study aimed to examine the association of impulsivity and screening positively for borderline personality disorder (BPD+) as risk factors for suicide attempts among opioid-dependent individuals. The study used a case-control design with 775 opioid-dependent cases and 306 non-opioid-dependent controls. Cases were more likely than controls to screen BPD+(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research suggests that alcohol use during pregnancy and breastfeeding has a negative impact on birth and neonatal outcomes. No threshold for this effect has been determined. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence and correlates of alcohol use in pregnancy and lactation in a large representative sample of Australian women.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines whether a mother's style of parenting at child age 5 years predicts problematic patterns of drinking in adolescence, after controlling for relevant individual, maternal and social risk factors. METHODS Data were used from the Mater-University Study of Pregnancy, an Australian longitudinal study of mothers and their children(More)
OBJECTIVE Limited research data exists on the prevalence, and characteristics associated with parental alcohol use, particularly in Australia. This study aims to examine the drinking patterns of Australian parents, and to determine whether the drinking pattern differs by family type. The characteristics associated with regular parental alcohol use were also(More)
The prevalence and risk factors associated with self-mutilation among opioid dependent cases and controls were determined, and the co-occurrence of self-mutilation and attempted suicide was examined. The prevalence of self-mutilation among cases and controls did not differ significantly (25% vs. 23%, respectively), with gender differences identified among(More)