Elizabeth A. Gonzalez

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Glutamate transport is highly regulated as glutamate directly acts as a neurotransmitter and indirectly regulates the synthesis of antioxidants. Although glutamate deregulation has been repeatedly linked to serious human diseases such as HIV infection and Alzheimer's, glutamate's role in the immune system is still poorly understood. We find that a putative(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined the effectiveness of commercially available disinfecting wipes and cosmetic wipes in disinfecting pulse oximeter sensors contaminated with pathogenic bacterial surrogates. METHODS Surrogates of potential biological warfare agents and bacterial pathogens associated with hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) were spotted on test(More)
BACKGROUND Nosocomial infections are a serious problem in health care facilities. Bacteria can be transferred from patient to patient via contaminated reusable medical devices and equipment. METHODS An anesthesia machine and objects representative of smooth and ridged machine knobs were contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus atrophaeus spores,(More)
Cleaning reusable medical devices removes organic and inorganic soil, which allows for effective disinfection and sterilization. However, it is not always clear what variables to consider when validating cleaning. This study compared the ability of 3 different cleaning agents (ie, water, alcohol, and bleach) to remove bacteria (ie, vegetative and spores)(More)
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