Elizabeth A Gauthier

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Our understanding of PACAP expression and regulation of sympathetic neuronal function has been augmented considerably over the last few years. Among the three major VIP/PACAP receptor subtypes, the SCG appears to express preferentially one particular variant of the PACAP-selective PACAP1 receptor coupled to multiple intracellular signaling cascades. The in(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Benzodiazepine (BDZ) and non-benzodiazepine (NBDZ) hypnotics enhance GABAergic transmission and are widely used for the treatment of insomnia. In the pontine reticular formation (PRF), GABA inhibits rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and acetylcholine (ACh) release. No previous studies have characterized the effects of BDZ and NBDZ hypnotics on(More)
BACKGROUND Buprenorphine, a partial μ-opioid receptor agonist and κ-opioid receptor antagonist, is an effective analgesic. The effects of buprenorphine on sleep have not been well characterized. This study tested the hypothesis that an antinociceptive dose of buprenorphine decreases sleep and decreases adenosine concentrations in regions of the basal(More)
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